About Us

We opened Vij’s restaurant in Vancouver, BC in autumn 1994 with the premise that there is no such thing as a typical Indian curry. Each of our meals showcases the beauty and taste of different Indian spices in combination with locally available ingredients. Our innovative and unique style of cuisine has won numerous awards from 1995 to present.

When we had more time at home, we cooked often and enjoyed extravagant Indian dinners made from scratch. With the birth of our daughters and increasing demands from work, our home-cooked meals became more difficult on a daily basis. This inspired us to create a line of ready-made and healthy Indian meals for people who value home cooking but don’t always have the time.

We have been selling packaged versions of our curries in market of our second restaurant Rangoli, since it opened in 2004. There are 13 curries available, each representing a favourite recipe from one of our menus. Initially, we thought that we would only have to supply our own market, however local retailers started selling the curries, and demand became too great for our modest restaurant kitchen to keep up.

In the spring of 2011, we proudly moved to our new production headquarters in Surrey, BC. The same Indian hands at Rangoli now make the curries in Surrey, but we just have a larger cooking space, bigger pots and a few machines to help us with the packaging process. Look for an expanded roster of retail venues for these products.

Our boutique curries have no artificial colours, preservatives and flavours added and the meats we use for our dishes are raised without antibiotics and hormones. Indian cuisine is one of the best for vegetarian and vegans alike, and we are pleased to offer plenty of options.

We love everything about food – real food that is cooked by hand, with real ingredients; and we are proud to share our food with you at home.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback. If you have any comments, questions or want to send us a note, please contact us anytime.

For specific product inquiries, please include the code number imprinted on the front of the package whenever possible.


Email: comments@vijs.ca

Phone: 604.872.3707